Formed in 1969, Pierymplezak was comprised of three young architects set out to explore their mutual love of music together.  Paul Pierce, Bob Dalrymple and Ron Konzak began what turned out to be a very exciting period in their lives. Their first professional appearance was as a filler for a Captain Marvel cartoon at Seattle's Harvard Exit Theater during it's Humphrey Bogart film festival. The theater had 13 films in the Bogart series, but only 12 episodes of Captain Marvel.  So . . . " The Thirteenth Chapter of Captain Marvel" was born.

From that lofty beginning,  the band went on to perform throughout the Pacific Northwest from 1970 through 1975 at venues such as The Seattle Opera Hall, Seattle Center during Folk Life Festivals, many weddings, and most of the popular night spots (Hindquarters, Black Angus, Washington Plaza).  Their performances were amazing - as they included as many as 20 instruments in their live arrangements.  Guitars and keyboards were joined by banjo, sitar, bagpipe, harmonica, flute, even a trombone.  In 1972 they were selected by Carling Brewing Co. to represent them at most county fairs, rodeos, and parades in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  They were billed as "The Heidelberg Pierymplezak" - an unforgettable name that took up most of one side of their travel van!

After a short break (about 10 years) Paul, Bob & Ron regrouped in time to perform at the 1986 Worlds Fair in Vancouver, BC (Expo'86).  That was to be their final public performance.  Though they had worked extensively on their first album, it was never released.  The music included here was destined for that album. After 20 years in a box,  the analog recordings of their final arrangements were converted to digital files.  The fidelity has faded a bit. But you can still celebrate the diversity of their sound, the creativity, and sheer joy they brought to their music.

Pabo and Kid Pabo

From about 2001, architects Paul Pierce and Bob Dalrymple decided to sharpen their design skills by committing to weekly song-writing sessions to keep their music creativity sharp and enjoyable.  The work inluded writing and rehearsing, and occasional gigs at various night spots in Seattle.  They settled on the name Pabo (PAul and BOb) not because it was enlightening or creative - they simply needed something to put on the reader board for an early performance.  At any rate, the name stuck, and to this day they perform as Pabo.

In 2008, the need for a bass player that could sing could be put off no longer.  Fortunately we found Kerry Fawler available at the time, and Kid Pabo was born.  Kerry - younger than either of his new found bandmates - was obviously the Kid.  His marvelous talent on the bass had an immense impact on the Pabo repertoire, and the re-discovery of three-part harmony in the compositions was enlivening.  Though they weren't able to continue very long, the tunes released by Kid Pabo were extremely enjoyable.  Some are included here.

The NadaBand

For years, Bob Dalrymple toiled in the recording studio (D/A MusicShop), supporting the work of his various musical groups and associates with writing, singing and playing.  Over that time a number of songs were created which did not move forward with the group.  Some - those included here - were particularly appealing to Bob, and to a few of the fortunate souls who were able to hear them previously.  They have been published here under the "NadaBand" title - because they were performed by Not A Band - but by Bob and his various instrumental persuits.  Not so much a boasting demonstration as a simple joyous celebration of the music living in his imagination - music he loves to make. And now, music he can share.

Ground Bloom Flower

In 2012, Bob Dalrymple began a musical collaboration with his former college roommate, and eventual globally recognized artist/author/song writer, Cooper Edens. Together they have created a wide variety of entertaining, poinient, inspiring, and simply enjoyable music and animated music videos. Though GBF was created to offer performance oppordtunities for a wide assortment of musical friends, most production work to-date has been completed at Bob's D/A MusicShop in Seattle. Bob has offered musical composition, vocal work and arrangements, while Cooper has been the source of creative themes, energy, and lyrics.  In their latest efforts, special guest vocalists have been included in the production process.  In all, thanks in no small part to Coopers unrestrainable creative drive, music creation has developed literally hundreds of new songs.  They'll be busy for quite some time developing these tunes into the finished product.