Over the years, sketches, illustrations, drawings - even 3d illustrations and full physical models have been developed to portray real-life situations for projects such as architectural and interiors, even advertising.  Others covered concept studies for stories, films or animations, and advertising.  Many of these examples have been included in full video productions which involved not just the images but text, audio, and music tracks as well. In these latter examples, work was completed in our own "D/A MusicShop" - a collection of instruments and equipment assembled over the years in support of Bob's musical aspirations. Most have ultimately been religated to "schematic" or concept-level refinement - few were actually finished or published. But all were challanging and enjoyable, the source of much growth and personal development and entertainment.

"The Story of Hanukkah Howie"

Janet relies on her fanciful view of the world for the creation of several children's books.  Years of sketches, stories and poems offer a glimpse of the humor and joy she brings to a child's conversation.  Most significant was "The Story of Hanukkah Howie" which was released in paper-back in  2009, and then in a beautiful hardcopy in 2012.  The charming story of a little boy with a strange hair condition - which got very wierd around the time of Hanukkah each year - was widely acclaimed from coast to coast. It was available through Amazon Books, and won "First Place" in the childrens book division of Creative Child Magazine's annual book rankings in 2012.

This children's picture book was illustrated by Bob Dalrymple. The first of a trilogy of stories, "The Story of Hanukkah Howie" was developed to set the stage to define the main characters, and to establish the tone for future editions of the story. Illustrations were ultimately animated, and Jan's voice was recorded reading the story with the intent of the ultimate release as an eBook (that work not yet complete)

O.C. Tebbs and the Littlest Dipper

In her first effort towards completing a children's mystery/adventure book, Janet volunteered the family dog "Dipper" - a wonderful, gregarious, generously spotted dalmatian - as the principal heroine. Though the picture book is still awaiting publication, Janet has pushed on and has completed the screen-plays based. This has been a monumental effort, but her enthusiasm is rewarded by the wonderful, mysterious capabilities of " . . . the Stardog Dipper" as she comes to earth to assist (and be assisted by) her earth master - Oliver Cromwell (O.C.) Tebbs.

The writing of the book was begun in 1991, and is illustrated by husband Bob Dalrymple. Currently in a re-write and up-date mode, the team is anxiously awaiting the final edit, and the subsequent publishing of this fanciful and exciting children's storybook.