Dalrymple & Associates

This is the business that was the basis of all professional activities for over 40 years.  Janet started the business in 1977 as "Dalrymple Design Group, P.S."  Her scope of service initially included commercial and residential interior design for the Portland/Vancouver, WA area.  The field of space planning had not yet been established in the Interior Design world by the late 1970's, so concepts for the use of space were simply included in the considerations for materials and finishes.  Over the next 8 years Jan quickly grew her practice to serve clients throughout southwest Washington and northern Oregon.  Bob joined her in 1979, adding his architectural background to her services. Together, they were able to develop a client base that included many of the leading businesses in the region.

While Dalrymple Design Group enjoyed great success in residential and commercial design, Janet's passion and skill in the use of furniture systems and space planning - aspects of the profession that were new and just developing in many major urban areas - was not being satisfactorily challenged in Vancouver. But just up the freeway - in Seattle - it was full speed ahead.  Office space planning as a specific technical skill, and the use furniture systems to meet office demands,  were both exploding. The move to Seattle, Washington in 1985 brought about a huge change in business scope and allowed Janet to focus on her primary design concern for commercial space planning.  This move also sponsored the name change to "Dalrymple & Associates". Over the next 30 years, Janet established herself and her company as one of the leading planning resources in the Seattle market area.  Together with Bob's expertise in construction document preparation,  programming, and scheduling, Dalrymple & Associates provided a complete package of professional services from project feasibility studies through construction and move-in.

Space Planning, Architecture, and Interior Design

The following pictures reflect a variety of work completed by Dalrymple & Associates . . .