With the closure of their Seattle office in 2015 Dalrymple & Associates, llc -  Janet and Robert Dalrymple  - completed a gratifying 50-year program of Space Planning, Interior Design & Architecture serving the communities of the Pacific Northwest. The backbone of their business enterprise was the design and document support of the construction and space needs of our business and residential clients.  The firm accompanied their clients through tumultuous years of changing technology, dynamic economics, and politics of all stripes, helping them maintain and enhance their businesses as they grew and developed.  We have included images of  a portion of this work on the following pages for reference, and for review. However, the primary reason this website is being maintained is to give a generous nod to the not-so-public pursuit by the firm's principals of a wide variety of personal side interests - interests they felt enriched their lives and sharpened their creative passions. These also offered up some great fun and entertainment along the way.

So what follows here is a compilation -  a brief overview of a variety of topics - diverse in subject matter and medium - but consistent in the pursuit of creative experience.  With this website, it is possible to assemble and review this wandering collection of sounds, pictures, animations, writings, etc. that - until now - lived their existence in basements, dusty boxes, and a large number of recycled 3-ring binders.

Each item here represents a small step taken during the evolution of "Dalrymple & Associates".  At the very least it is hoped these will be enjoyed. At best, they might spark the viewers own curiosity and creativity.  Happy viewing - - and thank you for your past support

Jan & Bob in Bend, Oregon - 2014